Covet Bridal in Madison, CT is thrilled to present the Flora collection of bridal gowns, renowned for their intricate lacework, delicate fabrics, and stunning designs. Each Flora gown is handcrafted using the finest materials, featuring unique embroidery, beaded embellishments, and breathtaking textures. The collection offers a wide range of styles, from romantic and whimsical to bold and modern, making it an excellent choice for brides seeking a unique and unforgettable wedding day look. Flora gowns are designed to enhance and flatter the bride's natural beauty, making her feel confident and radiant on her special day. Covet Bridal is proud to showcase this exceptional collection of Flora bridal gowns.

Please note that all of our gowns are previous samples from Everthine that have been tried on in store. We do our best to keep our gowns in the best condition possible, but normal wear and tear can occur. We are happy to provide additional photos and conditions prior to purchase.  If you are interested in discussing a specific gown in further detail, please reach out via phone or email to discuss details! 
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