When To Buy Your Dress?

When To Buy Your Dress?

When To Buy Your Dress?. Mobile Image

Dec 13, 2023

Congratulations on your engagement! As you embark on this exciting journey, you might find yourself wondering, 'What's next? Where do I even start?' Planning a wedding involves numerous steps and we recognize that it can be overwhelming. The process of finding your dream wedding gown, however, should be enjoyable and stress-free. We've crafted a suggested timeline, and provided some helpful shopping tips, to ensure that discovering your wedding gown becomes a memorable moment in your life. 


12-18 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Research: While there's no need to have a fixed idea of how your wedding gown should look before trying them on, it can be beneficial to gather some inspiration to see what you gravitate to. 

Tip: Pinterest is an awesome place to do this! 

  • Budget: Establishing a budget for your wedding gown can prove immensely useful in the later stages. By choosing stores that match your price range and communicating your expectations with the stylist, you can browse freely without constantly comparing gown costs. At Covet Bridal, we offer an array of options spanning different price points, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000.


10-12 Months Before the Wedding:

  • Book a Private Bridal Appointment: This is the perfect window to find your gown! If you have friends or family that you would like to join you, coordinate with them ahead of time to find a date that works for everyone. 

Tip: We suggest bringing only those whose opinions you really want. Positive energy is essential for a fun shopping experience! 

  • Order Your Gown: The majority of wedding gowns are crafted on a made-to-order basis, meaning that production begins after you've placed your order, and the gown may take 4-6 months to be delivered. If you are ordering your gown with customizations this process can take even longer. 


4 -8 Months Before the Wedding:


  • Don't Have A Gown Yet?: Don't panic! We’ve got you covered. If your wedding is 6-8 months away, a made-to-order gown is still an option, but you will probably need to opt for expedited production, usually incurring an additional fee. At Covet we also have a wide selection of off-the-rack sample gowns that can be purchased and taken with you that same day! 


  • Relax: If you've already placed an order for your wedding gown, now is the opportune moment to unwind or redirect your focus to other wedding-related tasks. Consider exploring hairstyle options or contemplating the attire choices for your bridesmaids, among other details.

3-4 Months Before The Wedding: 

  • Pick Up Your Wedding Gown: Around this time you should be hearing that your gown has arrived and is ready for you to pick up. Schedule a pick up appointment where you get to try on your gown and see it for the first time in months! During this session, your stylist will discuss anticipated alterations based on how the gown fits in the correct size. It's also an ideal time to try on and select your veil and/or hair accessory. Keep in mind that veils may take 2-6 weeks to arrive.
  • Alterations: Every gown will need some alterations to help it fit perfectly. Schedule an initial fitting or consultation with your preferred tailor. It will typically take 3-4  appointments, which they will schedule out for you, to achieve the perfect fit. 

Tip: Communication is crucial during this phase! Let your seamstress know if you would like something tighter, looser, higher, lower and so on. They are experts at what they do so it’s also important to hear their suggestions and trust their skills. 


Month Of The Wedding: 

  • Final Fitting: Pick up your gown from the tailor after the final fitting. 

Tip: Try it on one last time while you’re with the seamstress. Ask them to steam and press it for you before picking it up. 

  • Wedding Day Attire Checklist:  Combine your gown and veil in a garment bag and store them together until the wedding day. Assemble your shoes, accessories, undergarments, and minimergency kit in one place for easy access on your special day.


Above all, aim to have fun and enjoy this remarkable period! The focus should be on the memories and experiences you create during your engagement. We look forward to helping you discover a gown that instills incredible confidence and reflects your unique style on your special day!