How to find your Bridal Style

How to find your Bridal Style

How to find your Bridal Style. Mobile Image

Oct 18, 2023

Get ready for a bridal style adventure! We've got the classics, glam queens, modern mavens, and romantics all covered. Each style has its own unique flavor, helping you pinpoint your dream wedding day look and feel. And remember, the dress you choose becomes your North Star in wedding planning! From glamorous ballgowns to sleek, modern sheaths and simple, classic beauties, Covet Bridal has them all. Once you've picked your bridal style soulmate, schedule a date with us to find your dream gown at Covet. For daily inspiration, join the party on our Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!
Pinpoint Your Personal Style
So, here's the secret sauce to finding your perfect match: it's not about chasing perfection, but about discovering the bridal style that vibes with you, complements your wedding's surroundings (venue, season, bling!), and, most importantly, screams 'YOU.' Once you've nailed that, the whole wedding puzzle falls into place.
Different Bridal Styles
Classic Brides
Classic bridal gowns put their faith in the magic of a perfect fit, impeccable craftsmanship, and exquisite tailoring, rather than relying on passing trends or loud declarations. For the classic bride, it's all about embracing understated, timeless elegance. These gowns span a spectrum of silhouettes and fabrics but tend to favor traditional necklines, refined skirts, structured bodices, and a well-defined waistline. The fabrics are usually solid and structured or feature intricate yet tasteful lace, avoiding excessive fuss and commotion.
Glam Brides
She craves opulence, drama, and sheer grandeur. This style is all about embracing the spotlight with jaw-dropping embellishments like dazzling beads, crystals, and sequins, along with fabrics that shimmer and shine. Glamorous gowns cover the entire spectrum of silhouettes, from figure-hugging to extravagant ballgowns, and often feature bold, dramatic necklines and alluring back designs – think plunging V-necks and low backs. Our glam bride exudes sultriness, always radiating pure fabulousness. 
Our romantic bride envisions a wedding look that's all about gentle, feminine charm. It's a style that weaves a dreamy, emotional tapestry with enchanting elements like flowing fabrics, layered skirts, and dainty bows. Think girly girl without glitz. These romantic gowns often come alive with the artistry of floral patterns, lace, and the whisper-soft touch of materials like tulle, organza, or chiffon.  
A touch of cool but effortlessly chic, our Modern bride craves clean lines with some structure. They lean into trends ever so slightly, but remain timeless. Bold, beautiful, and always turning heads. 

they're the epitome of contemporary elegance, setting the stage for a wedding day that's a vision of modern marvel. 




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