2024 Trends - Fall Bride Edition

2024 Trends - Fall Bride Edition

2024 Trends - Fall Bride Edition. Mobile Image

Dec 06, 2023



Prints are not limited to summer! Multi color and printed gowns are incredibly romantic and can perfectly tie in the colors of this season to your wedding. If a fully printed gown is feeling too bold for you, go for a classic ivory or white gown and pair it with a multi-color embroidered veil!



A1150 by Allure



Evemarie(Gold) by Rebecca Shoneveld


Form Fitting - Lace on Lace on Lace 


Many brides get nervous by the thought of this much lace. 


I get it! You’re thinking… “Will it look like grandma’s tablecloth?” or ”Was this inspired by a doily?”


But what if all that lace was paired with the fit of Jessica Rabbit or, on the fall theme, Morticia Addams? The result is a stunning vintage inspired bridal look with a refreshed and slightly sexy silhouette.


I think we all remember Hailey Bieber’s incredible wedding gown a few years ago but now we’re seeing tons of celebrities follow this trend in different necklines. We’re so excited for it to reach our brides this season!


Carmen by Flora

Allure 1151


Paz by GALA Galia Lahav


Ruffle Sleeves


A fun and playful take on a sleeve! This is for the bride who feels like a classic long fitted sleeve is just too serious! We’re seeing designers add in some movement, layers, and play with sleeve lengths to add some sass this fall. Take a look at some of our Alexandra Grecco, off the rack, gowns that embrace this trend!

Lucy by Alexandra Grecco



Pema by Alexandra Grecco


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